Doctor B’s Teas

Welcome to Doctor B’s Teas

Doctor B’s Teas is not just another tea company. This tea company was started with a mission designed to help others through cancer treatment, as well as healthy people, teaching them how to live a healthier and more peaceful life. Life is truly about living everyday with tranquility, peace and harmony.

One of our many satisfied customer testimonials:

“Our school has ordered one of each flavor, and were proud to say that we tried them all and are pleased with the taste, aroma, and quality.

Doctor B’s Teas have an incredible taste from the finest organic tea leaves in the world. Drinking tea is not just about the taste, but the soothing, therapeutic feelings that come with each sip. Doctor B’s Organic Tea is about feeling relaxed and calm, living with hope and good health, but, most importantly, about reaching into our hearts and our souls and giving to others.

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